So you’ve decided to check out this thing called “transmedia,” which you’ve been hearing so much about.  But where to start?  You’ve read Anna Jackson’s post, What the # is Transmedia?  So, what’s next?  Wikipedia?  Google?  All good choices, but there’s so much information!  Don’t worry.  Help is at hand.  Here’s a list of articles and resources that’ll give you a bit of a “kick start” into the world of transmedia storytelling. (Originally compiled by Fiona Milburn for Transmedia NZ’s blog on The Big Idea)

Introducing Transmedia Storytelling:


A Few Milestones:


Some Recent Examples:


Additional Context:


Getting Started:


Other Resources:


That’s it for this quick-start guide.  Good luck!  And, don’t forget to keep following our TBI blog and Transmedia NZ.