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Age of Turing

→ May 14, 2015

A new transmedia experience, The Age of Turing explores an alternate universe in which computer pioneer Alan Turing lived and artificial intelligence …

Studying Transmedia

Textbook Transmedia

As New Zealand university students start a new semester, Anna Jackson reflects on the value of studying transmedia.

Emoji That! [Quiz]

Welcome to the first Transit blog post of 2015! We thought we’d start the year off casually with a light-hearted quiz that combines two very different modes of storytelling … the emoji and the feature film.

An engaging year

It’s been the year of engaging and extending audiences for Transmedia NZ’s Anna Jackson and Fiona Milburn. Here’s some tips and inspiration from their Transit blog in 2014.

Valuing branded entertainment

Fiona Milburn talks with Brent Kennedy of Camaraderie about compelling storytelling, audience engagement, and values integration in the fast evolving world of branded entertainment.

Pushing boundaries

Dave Boivin is quite a character with a passion for giving stories a life beyond the page, stage and screen, as Anna Jackson reveals in this interview.

Information and inspiration …

Transmedia NZ’s Fiona Milburn reports back from this year’s DOC Edge Lab, The Big Screen Symposium and NZGDC’s Hollywood & Interactive IP event.