A new transmedia experience, The Age of Turing explores an alternate universe in which computer pioneer Alan Turing lived and artificial intelligence has come of age.

In this video Hangout, Anna Jackson talks to The Age of Turing producer April Arrglington. April talks about creating the project and its focus on Women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), celebrating neurodiversity and raising awareness against discrimination of all kinds.

April also shared some tips on crowdfunding as an audience building strategy (in a nutshell; lots of time, hard work and the creation of appealing shareable content).

The Age of Turing is a transmedia project that caught my attention before it had even been produced, through a Kickstarter campaign that promises a rich storyworld with engaging game elements and clear social objectives.

About the project

The Age of Turing will be an interactive multi-platform experience telling the story of an expansive alternative universe in which Alan Turing lived to see his old age. While the project itself is not a biopic on Turing, his life and legacy is what inspires the modern day characters to follow mysterious clues and unravel the multiple secrets they face along their way to overcome great dangers and difficulties.

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Alan Turing is the creator of the Turing Test, a measure of artificial intelligence that tests the ability of a machine to ‘think’ based on the ability to exhibit behaviour (such as conversation) that cannot be distinguished from that of a human. Turing was convicted for indecency due to his sexuality in 1952 and died of cynanide poisoning two years later at the age of 41. The Age of Turingdraws on the themes of Turing’s work and life to explore artificial intelligence, identify and diversity.

According to the producers of The Age of Turing,

“By integrating storytelling with interactive elements like puzzles games of multiple varieties, we hope to create a powerful way to not only experience and pay forward his legacy, but also encourage learning in the fields of technology and mathematics, as well as inspire empathy, courage, generosity, and resilience.”

Watch the video of our discussion below.

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Google Hangout with April Arrglington, creator of The Age of Turing.

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